Engineering Analysis and Design

Engineering systems entail uncertainties of many sorts: loads, material properties, environmental conditions, etc. Info-gap theory has been applied in many analyses of design, safety and reliability.

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    • Chapter 3: Robustness and Opportuneness.
      • Section 3.2.1: Engineering design: Cantilever.
      • Section 3.2.2: Structural reliability.
      • Section 3.2.3: Structural reliability with uncertain probability.
    • Chapter 5: Antagonistic and Sympathetic Immunities.
      • Section 5.3: Vibrating Mechanical Contact.
    • Chapter 7: Value of Information.
      • Section 7.3 Uncertain loads on a cantilever.
      • Section 7.4 Cantilever: Simple and complex info-gap models.
    • Chapter 8: Learning.
      • Section 8.2: Info-gap supervision of a classifier.
      • Section 8.3: Acoustic noise.
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